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BIOCEVAL – We enhance fish.

At Bioceval different high quality fish meals and fish oils are produced using fish by-products of the fish processing industry. Brand products like shrimp meal and salmon fish meal or salmon fish oil from Bioceval are treasured quality products all over Europe. The clientele of customers include the feed and pet food industry, fish feed producers including special feeds for ornamental fish. Additionally, the fish oil is used in refineries and tanneries in technical applications.

Branded products for many branches.

Bioceval exclusively uses fish by-products as basic raw material for the production of the meal and oil. Quality checks start at the delivery of the raw material and accompany the entire production process up to the distribution. Since 2009 Bioceval is an authorized producer and distributor of fish meal and oil which meets the strict environmental criteria of the Marine Stewardship Councils (MSC).

Fish meal

Fish meals produced at Bioceval are offered under the brand name SEELÖWE. The balanced amino acid profile and the valuable trace elements such as vitamins and minerals make the fish meal a valuable and highly digestible component in complete feeds for aquaculture fish, pets, pigs and poultry. Further information on the range of products can be found here.

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Fish oil

Fish oil is more than just an energy source – with its high concentration of valuable omega-3 fatty acids it supports various physiological functions in fish, petfood and farm animals. We offer mixed and species pure fish oil for a wide range of applications.

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Sustainable products

Bioceval focuses on sustainability and environmental protection. With our MSC-fish meal and oils we match the requirements in terms of production and distribution of the Marine Stewardship Councils for an ecologically compatible fish industry. Bioceval is ASC certified and aims to increase the sampled volumes of ASC certified by-products and the proportion of ASC certified products. As partners of organic businesses Bioceval is a supplier to poultry and pig farms and aquacultures with pure organic feed.

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Popular products

Fish meal and oil from Cuxhaven is used by well-known pet food producers as a favourable protein source and promoter of palatability in petfood and other feeds.

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